Capsiplex Canada [60 capsules] ᐈ How it Work, Dosage & Price

Capsiplex Canada

Capsiplex Canada is a brand of Bauer Nutrition. It is manufactured in the Wolfson Berg laboratories in Larnaca, Cyprus, under the guidance of a team of medical advisers experienced in the development of dietary supplements .

On its official merchant site, Bauer Nutrition explains that this supplement works according to a natural and relatively simple principle based on increasing energy expenditure to induce significant weight loss.

Capsiplex Canada is thus presented as a slimming capsule. Bauer Nutrition goes further by lifting a corner of the veil on the main ingredient: it is Capsium, better known as “hot red pepper”.

In the opinion of Bauer Nutrition’s medical advisors, hot red pepper allows for better calorie expenditure, faster metabolism and improved endurance.

According to the manufacturer, the accumulation of fat in problem areas of the body cannot withstand the exclusive formula of the supplement. Taking one capsule of Capsiplex Canada each day (instead of several capsules for some fat burners ) is enough to accelerate thermogenesis and induce the rapid breakdown of fat cells.

Moreover, Capsiplex Canada boosts the energy of its users. But, to reproduce these effects by consuming hot red pepper, it would be necessary to take 10g daily, and this, for several weeks. It is more convenient and reasonable to take Capsiplex Canada whose concentrated formulation and based on Omnibead technology, promotes the absorption of capsium without the slightest irritation of the gastric and oral tracts.

Through these multiple actions, Capsiplex Canada is intended for people who wish to lose fat mass or stabilize their weight after a diet .

To burn fat, you have certainly already received a multitude of advice such as doing more physical activity or eating less. These tips are simplistic but ultimately more complex than it seems to put in place. The proof, many people fail in the face of their desire to lose their extra pounds.

Finally, gaining weight is not just a physical matter, there is a part of the mind. And if you can’t get back to good habits to get your weight back down on the scale, it’s a matter of psychology.

Beyond the will to put in place the actions needed to lose weight, weight gain puts many psychological barriers in front of you that prevent you from moving forward. This is usually due to the loss of self-confidence caused by gaining weight.

At the beginning of a slimming diet, this is why a person needs to have quick results. If you are in this case, you need to be reassured and to be sure that you will overcome your extra pounds.

To help you achieve your goals, Capsiplex Canada is a formula of components that will play on various levers such as satiety and your energy expenditure .

The Capsiplex Canada will therefore suit you if you are the type to eat too much, if you snack or if you are victims of food compulsions. Another special feature of Capsiplex Canada is that it has been designed to increase your energy expenditure during physical or sporting activity.

There are many supplements that promise the aforementioned effects. But not all of them are effective! Some do not give the expected results because they are used incorrectly or because they do not contain sufficiently active components. What about Capsiplex Canada? Do its ingredients help induce weight loss?. Let’s learn more about Capsiplex Canada below.

How does Capsiplex Work on Weight Loss?

Due to its composition, Capsiplex Canada causes several reactions conducive to weight loss. Here is how this slimming product contributes to slimming.

  1. It boosts the metabolism

    The capsaicin present in Capsiplex Canada stimulates the metabolism by boosting thermogenesis . Thanks to this action, the body temperature increases, a phenomenon that helps to burn more fat.

  2. It promotes the elimination of calories during physical effort

    When you exercise, you automatically burn calories. But with Capsiplex Canada, this loss will be increased . Indeed, because of its composition, this slimming product helps to burn 278 more calories before, during and after physical activity.

  3. It increases the rate of good fats

    This action is due to piperine and niacin, which reduce the level of lipids in the blood and regulate the balance between the level of good and bad cholesterol. Thanks to this action, your good cholesterol level will increase and through this impact, your body will have an easier time mobilizing fats in order to eliminate them.

  4. It decreases the feeling of hunger

    The appetite suppressant effect of Capsiplex Canada is possible thanks to capsaicin which reduces appetite. With Capsiplex Canada, you will therefore want to eat less and your portions will decrease without having the impression of depriving yourself.

Good to know: a study carried out at the Laboratory of Physical Activity Sciences at Laval University in Quebec has shown that capsaicin does have an appetite suppressant action and that it activates the feeling of satiety in the brain.

The effects of Capsiplex Canada can therefore be summarized as follows:

● It stimulates metabolism and increases energy expenditure.
● It is a great help in burning calories.
● It has an interesting appetite suppressant action.
● It helps burn more fat.
● It participates in the reduction of fat mass.
● It improves the digestive system.

Ingredients of Capsiplex


Capsiplex Canada contains only natural substances. In a capsule of this dietary supplement, you will find Capsicum, caffeine, piperine and niacin.

  • Capsicum
    Capsicum is also known as red pepper or small cayenne pepper . From the nightshade family, capsicum is used not only in food, but also in medicine and cosmetics.

    It is appreciated because of its many virtues. Indeed, it has antioxidant properties, acts favorably on digestion, fights against bacteria and takes great care of the heart.

    It aids in weight loss by regulating appetite, increasing basal metabolism and burning fat. All this is possible in particular thanks to capsaicin which is the main active agent of capsicum.

  • Caffeine
    Caffeine is a natural element found mainly in coffee, but also in tea, chocolate and many other foods. It is one of the most consumed products in the world, and this, for a very large number of reasons.

    Caffeine is extremely rich in polyphenol antioxidants, which have the effect of protecting cells and neutralizing cancer cells .

    It is also an excellent slimming product since it accelerates fat burning and has a diuretic effect. Caffeine also increases endurance and physical performance, in addition to improving digestion.

  • Piperine
    It is an alkaloid found mainly in white, red or black pepper. Recognized as an excellent remedy by traditional Chinese medicine, piperine seduces with its many virtues.

    Piperine is extremely popular especially because of its effects on weight. It has thermogenic properties , which increases body heat and helps burn fat quickly. Piperine also improves digestion. The benefits of this alkaloid do not stop there, however. It also fights blood pressure and dramatically improves mood.

    It is because of all these virtues that piperine is often found in the composition of many effective fat burners.

  • Niacin
    Niacin is a natural product known much more under the name of vitamin B3 or even nicotinic acid.

    A water-soluble vitamin, niacin is synthesized by the human body from tryptophan. Apart from the human body, it is found in animal and vegetable proteins such as eggs, peanuts, poultry, fish, etc.

    Niacin is great for the skin. It improves blood circulation and fights against excess cholesterol in the blood.

    This vitamin is also an excellent remedy against fatigue and can significantly boost your energy. Niacin also has a positive effect on satiety and therefore has an appetite suppressant effect.

Dosage : How to Take Capsiplex ?

Although bell pepper extract is known to be an effective fat burner, it can still irritate the mouth and stomach. Therefore, Capsilex capsules use a unique design of “small pearls” ensuring the diffusion of the pepper after a sufficient distance of travel of the capsule in the digestive tract, thus avoiding any problem of irritation.

Capsiplex Canada capsules should always be taken with water and the recommended dosage is one capsule per day. In most cases, the capsule should be taken each morning, but if a routine, sports activity, or exercise is planned, the capsule should be taken half an hour or one hour before starting the activity .

Does Capsiplex cause side effects?

Capsiplex Canada certainly brings together many strengths, but like all weight loss drugs, this slimming product alone cannot remove the extra pounds. Indeed, if you do not adopt a healthy diet , or if you do not play sports , Capsiplex Canada will have no effect on your line.

It is therefore essential to combine it with balanced meals and the practice of physical activity. By adopting these good habits, you will easily be able to take advantage of the positive effects of Capsiplex Canada on your excess pounds.

The Capsiplex Canada slimming capsule is certainly formulated from natural and a priori reliable components. But even 100% natural products are not always tolerated by everyone. There may be people allergic to a natural supplement that is good for many users.

This is particularly the case with capsaicin to which many people are allergic, depriving them of the recognized benefits of Capsiplex Canada. Gastric burns, gastric reflux, stomach irritation… Many side effects can occur in people who cannot tolerate capsaicin.

On the other hand, other people can develop sensitivity to the caffeine contained in Capsiplex Canada. In fact, not everyone reacts in the same way to this slimming dietary supplement.

The slightest overdose can thus cause a certain number of undesirable effects: irritability, bad mood, increased heart rate, insomnia, dizziness… In some very rare cases, some people are at risk of having panic attacks after an intense sports session. .

Finally, if you are taking a drug that may interfere with Capsiplex Canada, it is better to refrain from following a treatment based on this slimming capsule. Hence the interest of always seeking the advice of your doctor before starting your slimming program.

Where to buy Capsiplex in Canada ?

As a reminder, Capsiplex is a dietary supplement produced by the Bauer Nutrition group. You must therefore buy it only on the manufacturer’s site

Where you can benefit from decreasing prices and several reductions granted according to the quantity of bottles ordered.

On the Bauer Nutrition site, the box of Capsiplex costs $74.99. By ordering two boxes, you will receive another free: the lot is therefore displayed at a price of $149.99 instead of $269.97 (savings of $119.98). By ordering three boxes, you will receive two others free: the lot is sold for $224.99 instead of $449.95 ($224.96 in savings).

Note that Bauer Nutrition makes deliveries all over the world. Once your order has been paid for, the slimming capsules are packed and shipped within 24 hours, allowing you to receive your package within 48 working hours.

Some of our readers are wondering if it is possible to buy Capsiplex in pharmacies . Unfortunately, outside of the United States and the United Kingdom, this slimming capsule is not available over the counter in pharmacies. To buy it, you should place an order directly on the official Bauer Nutrition website. Once on this online store, you will realize that there are, in fact, many other food supplements and specialties developed by the firm Bauer Nutrition.

Contact us here, if you have any questions all about Capsiplex in Canada here.